XPM Register

XPM Memory Register

Kilopass’ memory register IP is a non-volatile memory (NVM) that is a programmable register with 16 to 64 outputs. Each output represents an individual register which can be independently set or reset until the register is programmed.  It can be programmed at wafer sort, in package, or in system. It is available from 180nm to 28nm at TSMC, Samsung, SMIC, Global Foundry, Dongbu, Tower, and GSMC. Capacity ranges from 16b to 64b, option to build larger capacities by cascading multiple instances.

XPM register is ideal for calibration, trimming, and configuration including chip ID or turning features on and off.  It provided the flexibility to try out various settings before committing to a final state. The XPM register has very low active current as well as standby power which makes it ideal for battery backed products. It has a very small area which makes it ideal to fill black spaces in the die.

XPM Memory Register

XPM™ Memory Register IP Features:

  • Programming bus width x1b
  • Data always available, x16b to x64b
  • Small area
  • Low standby and active current
  • Optional charge pump to provide high programming voltage required for programming
  • Larger capacity created by cascading multiple instances
  • One charge for multiple instances of registers
  • Comprehensive manufacturing built-in test features


  1. Front-end: FRAM, Antenna LEF, Verilog model, Synopsys model
  2. Back-end: GDS, DRC & LVS reports, PIPO log
  3. Collateral: datasheet, test methodology guide, integration guide, application notes