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ROM-it! OTP to ROM Conversion Feature

Kilopass’ ROM-it!™ OTP to ROM conversion option provides a cost reduction path for mature, high-volume products that no longer require one-time programmability.  XPM and Gusto memory IP can be programmed at wafer, final test, or in system.For high capacity memory, the programming test time can take up to several seconds. The associated programming test cost for larger code storage can be justified during early product phases for the flexibility the OTP memory provides; however, when the code matures over time in high volume production, the test costs often need to be reduced to achieve better price margins. This cost is reduced significantly by eliminating programming test time altogether. ROM-it!™easily converts Kilopass’ XPM and Gusto OTP memories into ROM with a 1-layer VIA change for 90nm and below processes or a 2-layer OD and Poly change for 130nm and above.


ROM Conversion diagram


Customers provide their OTP memory content (ROM content file) to Kilopass for fast turnaround conversion of the affected VIA or Poly and OD layers. Customers’ ROM content file can be in binary, hex or decimal format. Kilopass will perform the physical mapping of ROM content file to the new ROM layout. The exact dimensions of the original XPM will be maintained during the conversion to ensure compatibility with existing chip-level layout. Kilopass delivers functionally verified, LVS and DRC clean replacement layers for customers’ merge with existing chip-level layout layer for ROM mask generation.

After the conversion, customers have the option to keep both ROM as well as OTP versions, allowing them to create different product versions and maintain update flexibility.