Gusto High Density NVM

Gusto High Density NVM IP

Gusto™ is the industry’s first and only 4Mb embedded non-volatile memory (NVM). It is built using standard, commercially available CMOS logic process technologies and utilizes Kilopass’ patented 2T antifuse bitcell with proven security critical for secure code storage applications.   Broadening NVM storage capacity beyond just configuration and keys — with Gusto™ you can now store code, such as firmware, on-chip.

Gusto high density NVM has 4X higher performance than previous solutions, 10X less active power consumption, and 40X less standby power consumption.The measurable system cost benefits, include eliminating ROM respins and reducing overall BOM by replacing serial Flash or serial EEPROM. It also has a fast conversion path to low cost ROM implementation. It is available initially in 65nm and 28nm from 512Kb to 4Mb in both bulk silicon and SOI at TSMC, SMIC, and IBM.

Gusto high density memory IP

Gusto™ High Density NVM Features

  • Small footprint comparable to ROM
  • Flexible, field-programmable memory, optimized for factory programming; dual programming mode – external and internal charge pump
  • Asymmetric power domain shut down
  • Fast programming time
  • Read bus width x32
  • Page mode with access time of 20ns
  • Low standby and active current
  • Built in error correction scheme, SEC-DED
  • Security lock bits to prohibit memory content modification
  • Comprehensive manufacturing built-in test features
  • ROM conversion with ROM-it!

Gusto™ Deliverables

  1. Front-end: FRAM, Antenna LEF, Verilog model, Synopsys model
  2. Back-end: GDS, DRC & LVS reports, PIPO log
  3. Collateral: datasheet, test methodology guide, integration guide, application notes

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