Gusto-2 Ultra-Low Power NVM IP

Gusto-2 Ultra-Low Power NVM IP for Code Storage

Gusto-2 is the second generation of Kilopass code storage antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP) that serves a new emerging class of small ultra low-power, one-chip designs. Single chip systems must run for years on a coin cell battery or harvest energy for operation. These designs cannot accept the shadow SRAM leakage in addition to the power of the off-chip serial EEPROM or flash. Such designs need an on-chip NVM: (1) that has near zero standby current; (2) that has the active and standby power equal to or better than the shadow SRAM it replaces; (3) support code storage capacities ranging from 32kB to 128kB; (4) has sufficient bandwidth to support execute-in-place operation.

Ultra-low power system-on-chip (SoC) designs in this category perform functions such as

  • Remote wireless sensors for monitoring health and fitness, home automation, and security
  • Near-field communications (NFC) for digital wallet, wireless financial transactions, electronic identification driver’s license, passport, fare collection, and others as well as
  • Applications serving the emerging market of Internet of things.

Gusto-2 will take up a less than a quarter of the designer’s total chip area and power budget. Gusto-2 uses significantly less standby power than the shadow SRAM, consumes less active power than the shadow SRAM and serial Flash/EEPROM it replaces. Gusto-2 delivers 400MB/s throughput, sufficient to enable efficient execute-in-place operation.

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Gusto-2™ Ultra Low Power Code Storage

  • Flexible, field-programmable memory
  • Asymmetric power domain shut down
  • Fast programming time
  • Wide read datapath: up to 128 bit for efficient XIP
  • Read bandwidth up to 400MB/sec
  • Low standby power (3 uW) and active power (0.1 mW/MHz)
  • Built in self-test and repair
  • Read Operating Temperature Range: -40C to 125C (Junction)
  • Programming Operating Temperature Range: -20C to 125C (Junction)
  • Data Retention: more than 10 years
  • ROM conversion with ROM-it!

Gusto-2™ Deliverables

  1. Front-end: FRAM, Antenna LEF, Verilog model, Synopsys model
  2. Back-end: GDS, DRC & LVS reports, PIPO log
  3. Collateral: datasheet, test methodology guide, integration guide, application notes