Memory IP

Gusto-2™ Ultra-Low Power NVM IP for Code Storage

Gusto2-Thumbnail-3-80x73Gusto-2™ addresses the low power and small form factor requirements as well as the security needs for tomorrow’s applications from mobile wallet to low energy wireless SoC designs. These SoC designs will be energy frugal, fast, and sufficiently small to fit into space-constrained consumer devices. Gusto-2 will provide the memory subsystem to match these SoC designs stringent power, capacity and security needs. With standby power significantly smaller than SRAM, Gusto-2 will deliver up to 400MB/s throughput. Initial storage capacities of 256kb, 512kb, and 1024kb available 65nm/55nm down to the 16nm process.

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Gusto™ High Density NVM IP

Gusto high density memory is a lower cost alternative to ROM, embedded Flash, and serial EEPROM or Flash. It is high capacity (up to 4Mb), small footprint, low active and standby power, fast access time, and extra features including fast programming time, security lock and page mode. It can be programmed at wafer, final test, or in system.

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XPM non-volatile memory IPXPM embedded non-volatile memory is a better efuse solution. It provides higher security, larger capacity with a smaller footprint, lower active and standby power, is field programmable, and is foundry agnostic unlike an efuse solution which is foundry owned. Given the high adoption of XPM, there are many configurations that have been shipped and are already in production.

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