Foundry & Node Support

Kilopass has ported XPM embedded non-volatile memory and Gusto high density memory to over 40 processes at pure play foundries and IDMs. Due to its compact size, Kilopass XPM™, Gusto™, and Gusto-2™ memory IP are uniquely suited for a rapidly growing number of applications that require small area, low power, high reliability and security. XPM™, Gusto™ and Gusto-2™ memory are all implemented in standard logic CMOS without any modifications to the foundry processing steps.

Being designed with standard devices supplied by the foundry and following foundry DFM design rules has enabled faster time to market of Kilopass XPM™, Gusto™ and Gusto-2™ memory IP to a large variety of processes and foundries. The portability of Kilopass technology, coupled with streamlined porting and qualification methodology, has enabled Kilopass embedded non-volatile memory to be ported quickly to advanced logic processes.