Embedded Non-Volatile Memory IP for Industrial Markets


Embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technology has been integrated into industrial applications that require a reliable, highly secure storage with a minimum lifetime of 10 years. These applications include code storage for microcontrollers, configuration data for sensors and motor control, and security keys for secure industrial networks. Power control and other analog-intensive applications require calibration and trimming. Key non-volatile memory requirements are high density and fast access times for high performance. Typical NVM capacities for mobile applications range from 1kbit to +1Mbit and target all process nodes from 180nm and below.

Industrial Market Summary

Market OTP usage End Product Kilopass Advantage
Consumer Sensors, motor control, video surveillance, environmental control, RFID, M2M, power control, MCUs and framers/wrappers set top boxes, multimedia SoCs, application processors, gaming, GPS, and storage
  • High reliability
  • Best in class security
  • Field Programmable

Microcontrollers (MCUs) are pervasive in industrial applications, used in factory automation, appliances, test and measurement equipment, point-of-sale terminals, and security systems.  Embedded non-volatile memory IP is used for code storage as well as analog calibration and trimming.

Kilopass NVM IP in MCU

Kilopass’ NVM IP has been used for:

  • code storage
  • calibration and trimming of analog blocks
  • program code storage

Cost Savings Comparison

Product OTP usage Before: external EEPROM Total Cost/Unit After: Kilopass NVM Total Cost/Unit Units/Year Savings for 1 year of production Savings for 3 year of production
Microcontroller Code storage in 8kbit OTP $0.08 $0.02 12M $720K $2.16M