Embedded Non-volatile Memory IP for Consumer Markets


The consumer market is extremely cost sensitive, and any opportunity for cost savings are taken to drive volume growth. Kilopass embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) IP is used for code storage and security keys for conditional access. IT can also be used for ROM patching to allow field upgrades. Key requirements are high density and fast access times for high performance.  Typical NVM capacities for consumer applications range from 8kbit to +4Mbit and targeting the latest process nodes, 16nm and below.

Consumer Market Summary

Market OTP usage End Product Kilopass Advantage
Consumer Code storage, ROM patching, security keys set top boxes, multimedia SoCs, application processors, gaming, GPS, and storage
  • Small area
  • Fast Access
  • High Density
  • Field Programmable

Multimedia SoCs are used for audio and video processing and user interface. They are found in set top boxes and other applications that play multimedia.
Kilopass NVM IP in Multimedia SoC

Multimedia SoCs process many different types of multimedia formats and connect to storage devices, displays, and high-speed broadband. Kilopass’ non-volatile memory IP has been used for:

  • security keys for HDMI and Conditional Access
  • trimming of the video DACs and other analog blocks
  • boot and program code storage

Cost Savings Comparison

Product OTP usage Before: embedded Flash Total Cost/Unit After: Kilopass NVM Total Cost/Unit Units/Year Savings for 1 year of production
Multimedia SoC Code storage in 512Kb OTP $0.25 $0.05 10M $2M