Corporate Overview

Kilopass Technology is expanding the horizons of embedded non-volatile memory to create new cost savings and design opportunities for today’s semiconductor industry. Its growing success in the marketplace will enable the company to accelerate expansion of its product roadmap beyond one-time programmable and few times programmable memory.

The leader in embedded NVM intellectual property, Kilopass removes long-standing challenges to NVM integration across a wide range of markets, applications and SOC designs.  Its patented technologies and expanding set of one-time programmable (OTP) and multi-time programmable NVM solutions have boundless capacity to scale to advanced CMOS process geometries, are portable to every major foundry and integrated device manufacturer (IDM), and meet market demands for increased integration, higher densities, lower cost, better reliability and improved security.

Trusted by today’s most recognized brands, Kilopass technology has been integrated by over 170 customers, with more than 10 billion units shipped in over 400 industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, mobile, analog and mixed-signal, and internet of things (IoT) chip designs.  The company’s solutions are currently integrated into 20 million set-top boxes, 50 million DVD chip sets, 100 million Wi-Fi modules, and 500 million FM tuners.


Year Milestones
2016 • Awarded Best Paper at MemCon 2016
• Kilopass Launches VLT DRAM technology
• Appoints Sue Kim as VP of Corporate Marketing
• Kilopass is first OTP to 7nm and licenses 10nm and below directly to TSMC
• Kilopass and Fujitsu announce technology development agreement of 40LP process OTP
2015 • Announces new X2Bit bitcell that delivers tenfold reduction in read power while leveraging exising family of silicon proven embedded NVM products
• Kilopass headquarters moves to San Jose, California increasing office space for expansion
2014 • Selected by Altair Semiconductor: XPM
• Kilopass is first to demonstrate scalability of OTP NVM technology to TSMC’s 16nm FinFET process
2013 • $8-Million customer investment to fund growth of a major endorsement of Kilopass as world leader in specialty memory technology
2012 • Record revenue for the third straight year in 2011, the highest revenue to date for the company
• First to demonstrate antifuse reliability data in 28nm HKMG
• Debuted Gusto-2, 2nd generation of code storage products, to serve increasing numbers of new SOC designs for instant-on mobile devices
• Kilopass is first to demonstrate antifuse non-volatile memory IP with successful test chips on TSMC 20nm process
2011 • Posts record revenue in 2010; 100% Year-Over-Year Core Business Gain
2010 • XPM becomes first and only logic NVM in TSMC 40nm and 45nm low-power processes
• Introduces the industry’s first 4Mb Logic non-volatile memory IP, Gusto, to the market
2009 • SnapXPM offering off-the-shelf customer-proven silicon
• Expansion of XPM into IDMs and all major foundries
• Becomes SMIC’s lead embedded OTP NVM partner for 65nm/45nm processes
2008 • XPM passes 15 million mark for production units
• XPM becomes available for Dongbu HiTek customers at 180nm
2007 • Delivered logic NVM family for 90nm processes
• XPM becomes available for 65nm low power and general purpose processes
• XPM becomes first high-density embedded NVM to complete qualification for 80nm and 90nm processes
2006 • Closes third round of VC funding
• Company split into FPGA and IP
• Partnership with TSMC on 130nm to 40nm enablement
• Delivers logic NVM family for 130nm process
2005 • Completes qualification for TSMC, SMIC, and Tower 180nm CMOS process
2001 • Founded with fundamental patents for antifuse technology




Charlie Cheng, Chief Executive Officer

Harry Luan, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research & Development

Linh Hong, Vice President and General Manager of OTP Division

Yolanda Cheang, Vice President of Finance