Bruce Kleinman Principal FSVadvisors Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) presents opportunities and challenges. IoT security has seen far more press coverage, to date, than actual delivered solutions. The dearth of secure IoT solutions may severely hinder IoT growth. Imagine the impact of one or two well-publicized IoT security breaches: cyber-attacks compromising credit card […]

Yann de Charentenay Senior Analyst Yole Développement In May, Samsung announced the foundation of the world’s most expensive semiconductor fabrication plant –– at more than $14 billion — mostly focused on memory chips. Memory plants are becoming cost prohibitive as the technology’s complexity surges and volumes produced explode. Indeed, memory chips are one of […]

Gustavo Litovsky Chief Executive and Founder Argenox Technologies Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) –– or Bluetooth SMART as it’s marketed by most vendors –– is rapidly making its way into all kinds of new products. Its adoption has opened the floodgates to a slew of new devices. With support for Bluetooth v4.0, users are no […]

Charlie Cheng CEO Kilopass Technology, Inc. The semiconductor IP business is a difficult business model within a consolidating semiconductor industry.  It’s easy to establish, difficult to scale.  Kilopass is no different.  For the past six years, the management has worked hard to grow a business that seems to be unable to break the $20M barrier, […]

Jacques Benkoski Partner USVP For several decades, the semiconductor industry has had the luxury of having its roadmap defined by continuously evolving standards. Although there were large differences between audio, video, wireline, wireless, storage and other segments, they pretty much all followed the same pattern of evolution. A standard was set and then, riding […]

Ron Moore Vice President of Marketing ARM Physical Design Group According to industry analysts, SRAM design is designated as Foundation IP and considered by most to be commodity IP available from multiple suppliers.  Standard cell libraries and memory compilers are the most basic building blocks for SoCs, and is the first IP developed to enable […]

Mark Templeton President and CEO Motius In 1991, I was a member of the founding team of Artisan Components. We started the company because we believed that demand was about to appear for semiconductor intellectual property. We had a few data points. We knew that before a design team could start a new chip project, […]

Rodrigo Liang Senior Vice President Oracle Member of the Board of Directors Kilopass Technology Over the last few decades, the semiconductor industry has focused its considerable technical investments in accelerating software applications. Performance metrics for new semiconductor products are often correlated with their ability to lower the latency to access data required to run specific […]

Herb Reiter President eda2asic Consulting, Inc. You may know me, Herb Reiter, from my many 3D-IC centric blogs and presentations and may wonder now why I suddenly “got interested” in the antifuse topic. For a very simple reason: these two technology segments are much more closely connected than a cursory look might suggest. Developers of […]

MemoryPill readers don’t need to be told that memory IP has never been a more important element of an SoC than it is today. One estimate suggests that 50% of the die area of a chip is consumed by embedded memory. Other sources contend that it consumes much more. Either projection confirms what we know: […]