Keeping a car’s crash data secure. July 6th, 2017 – By: Paolo Piacentini Driving a modern car or truck today is like driving a complex computer system which has the scope to take people and freight from one geographic point to another through the infrastructure and, to do so, it just happens it has an engine […]

Why chipmakers need to pay attention to side-channel attacks. February 2nd, 2017 – BY: LEE SUN Connected devices can do everything from save lives to improve the quality of life. They also destroy that quality or cause harm if these things or systems of things are not secure. Security is a complex multi-level problem. It […]

by Nick Chen, Field Application Engineer, Kilopass Technology, Inc.   One-time programmable (OTP) memory is a type of non-volatile memory (NVM) that commonly comprises of electrical fuse (eFuse) and antifuse. The advantages of OTP memory over multi-time programmable (MTP) memory, such as EEPROM or flash memory, are smaller area and no additional wafer processing steps. […]

BY: David Hsu, Field Applications Engineer, Kilopass Technology, Inc. Biometrics is a technology that uses a human’s biological features, such as facial characteristics, fingerprint patterns, retina, DNA or behaviors (voice and signature) to authenticate a person’s identification and authorize specific actions. Of all of them, fingerprint analysis technology is the most mature and has the […]

By Lee Sun, Field Applications Engineer, Kilopass Technology, Inc.   The arguments for choosing one-time programmable embedded memory for IoT designs. Borrowing from this year’s hottest topic –– the Presidential Election –– let’s nominate one-time programmable (OTP) embedded memory for the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s sure to be the winner for any number of […]

By Bernd Stamme, Sales Director – Kilopass Technology, Inc.   From the red phone to pay TV, it’s important to know who’s on the other end of the line. With the ongoing threats to our electronic devices, it is obvious that security needs to be improved in the application and communication chips on the mobile […]

By Lee Sun, Field Applications Engineer – Kilopass Technology, Inc. Historically, when someone from our industry uses the acronym OTP, or one-time programmable, they think of eFuse, invented by IBM in 2004. Using electromigration, IBM was able to program a fuse without damaging other parts of the chip. In this way, fuses could dynamically alter […]

By CJ Tsai, Field Applications Engineer Securing mobile wallets is vital to the industry’s growth. The trend toward mobile banking and payments as a way to replace debit or credit cards, or integrate a part of their functions into a mobile device, is moving faster than most industry analysts predicted. In China, for example, mobile […]

By Charlie Cheng, Chief Executive Officer-Kilopass Technology, Inc. Let’s do a bit of a refresh on embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) IP and the markets it has ably served: analog/mixed signal, automotive, consumer, industrial and mobile applications. Rather mainstream segments, albeit high value, in need of reliable storage. An estimated 10-billion units shipped in more than […]

By David Hsu Field Applications Engineer-Kilopass Technology, Inc. Hacking and security concerns for consumer electronics must be among the most newsworthy topics in the Top 10 tech stories these days. A hacking headline seems to regularly make it as the lead piece on every tech blog or news online. No doubt, then, hacking is a […]