Ron Neale, Independant Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Professional 12/31/2016 Original Article Is there a place for a volatile DRAM replacement? While the VLT as a DRAM replacement might be attractive, any success hinges on effective and innovative solutions to some major problems. The use of latched threshold switching devices to replace a DRAM, where the off and […]

Article written by Kilopass’ Bruce Bateman, Senior Principal Engineer, Fellow Published by EPNC in Korean Click here for the full PDF article

Article written by Kilopass’ Harry Luan, CTO Published by Electronic Science in Korean Click here for full PDF article.

Kilopass’ CEO talks about how to cut the capacitor in DRAM and why that’s important in the data center. NOVEMBER 3RD, 2016 – BY: ED SPERLING   Charlie Cheng, CEO of Kilopass Technology, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about the limitations of DRAM, how to get around them, and who’s likely to do that. […]

by Gary Hilson of EETimes 10/11/2016 08:00 AM EDT TORONTO — Many innovations in memory, whether it’s a new technology or an existing one, come as a result of new materials, but one company is looking to improve on current DRAM technology without new materials or complex process flows. Kilopass Technology, Inc., maker of one-time programmable (OTP) […]


Paolo Piacentini — Kilopass Technology Automotive IC Market Premise Public data readily accessible from the Internet about the Integrated Circuit (IC) market for automotive highlights some staggering numbers. According to, for example, the global automotive market is estimated to have generated $24 billion of IC revenues in 2015 and is forecasted to produce $27 […]


Tech Talk – September Issue Bernd Stamme Vice President of Field Applications Engineering Kilopass Technology Growth in battery-powered devices is accelerating advanced process IC development, enabling higher functional integration while lowering costs, all of which are helping to move the Internet of Things (IoT) business forward. It won’t be long (2020 by most approximations) before […]

Sanjay and Charlie

See this video of Charlie discussing Kilopass’ expansion on non-volatile memory technology with Sanjay of EDACafe.  

GSA Forum

Charlie Cheng, President and CEO, Kilopass Technology, Inc. The statement that memory is a formative technology for electronics systems is non-controversial. Going one step further by stating that memory is increasingly important to electronics systems does not raise eyebrows either. Indeed, memory is omnipresent in electronics systems, from wearables to network routers, and often plays […]


Michel Courtoy Senior VP, Marketing and Business Development   The Internet of Things (IoT) seems poised to take over our lives if you measure its impact by the amount of press coverage it is receiving. It appears that the time when virtually every electronic device –– from the factory floor to the hospital operating room […]