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Senior Product Engineer (Job# 551401)

Job Description:

  • Perform NVM memory product debug, verification, characterization and qualification
  • Generate functional, characterization and qualification reports
  • Define product specifications based on data and performance
  • Perform product electrical and physical analysis

Skills and Knowledge Required:

  • In-depth experience in memory or related product engineering job functions:
    • Identify, understand and resolve technical problems
    • Determine product performance, process and test sensitivities
    • Analyze design and performance trade-offs to improve yields or reliability
  • Demonstrated technical and project leadership in product engineering function
  • Working Knowledge of CMOS devices, integrated circuits and CMOS manufacturing process
  • New product project management experience, capable of defining and executing new product verification, characterization and qualification requirements
  • Skilled in electrical and physical analysis of devices and failures

Education and Experience Required:

  • B.S. or M.S. in Electrical or Electronic Engineering
  • 5+ years of semiconductor product engineering background; direct non-volatile memory products is preferred, such as Flash, FRAM, MRAM or ReRAM product
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills required



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