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Standard CMOS Antifuse eNVM OTP Technology

There are a few different embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) technologies in the market today. The main ones include mask ROM, floating gate, electrical fuse…» READ MORE


VLT (Vertical Layered Thyristor) Technology

VLT Technology Eliminates Refresh Entirely While Delivering Lower Power, Cost and Manufacturing in Logic Compatible CMOS Processes… » READ MORE



Embedded Non-volatile Memory IP for Consumer Markets

Mobile devices are the fastest growing market segments, driven by convenience and innovative applications. Embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) is used as code storage for the baseband SoC, and for trimming and calibration of the power amplifiers and RF receivers. » READ MORE


Analog/Mixed Signal

Embedded Non-volatile Memory IP for Consumer Markets

Today’s analog and mixed signal applications require frequent calibration and trimming to ensure performance across process variations and environmental conditions. » READ MORE



Embedded Non-volatile Memory IP for Consumer Markets

Embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technology has been integrated into industrial applications that require a reliable, highly secure storage medium with a minimum lifetime of 10 years. These applications include… » READ MORE



Embedded Non-volatile Memory IP for Consumer Markets

Increasing complexity in automotive systems has driven new applications for low-cost, secure and field-programmable non-volatile memory. The proliferation of sensors to monitor everything from environmental conditions to engine control has increased the need for analog calibration and trimming, ideal for non-volatile memory (NVM) technology. » READ MORE



Embedded Non-volatile Memory IP for Consumer Markets

Kilopass embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) IP has low area and power requirements and is well suited for code storage and security keys. » READ MORE


  Presentation Details Kilopass’ New VLT Technology for DRAM Applications   SAN JOSE, CALIF. –– November 2, 2016 –– Kilopass Technology, Inc., the leading provider of semiconductor embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) intellectual property (IP), was awarded the Best Paper honor at MemCon on October 11 in Santa Clara, Calif. Bruce Bateman, engineering fellow, presented, “A […]

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SMIC Advanced Technology Workshop in Taiwan – May 9th

You are invited to join Kilopass at SMIC Advanced Technology Workshop – May 9, 2017. Be sure to visit our booth.  You might get a chance to win a Huawei Mate 9 Pro Smartphone too! Location: Ballroom A&B, Ambassador Hsinchu 188 Chung Hwa Road, Section 2, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.  


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